January 12, 2018"PLAN" : NOT A BAD WORD

Making New Years Resolutions, at first thought, seems to be counter to the notion of mindfulness. “I don’t want a road map,” insisted forty-five year old “Josh. “For once, for now, at least, I want to throw away the road map… to just enjoy the moment. My wife doesn’t understand”. His wife, he said, was […]

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October 25, 2015BALANCE

  It took too many hours to get from Orange County, California to Canyon Ranch, Lenox, but it was worth it. The leaves had turned to the most wonderful colors. The weather was cold and crisp with sunny skies. The hotel/spa grounds are magnificent, decorated with good art from local artists. The activities, indulgences and side […]

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October 11, 2015BALANCE

My sister’s hubby, a loyal  BRUIN, was one of my favorite people. Not because he’s bowled a 300 game. Never mind that he was professionally successful, adored by his family, proficient in most sports, maker of the best margaritas. He was a guy who knew how to be a good friend and how to have […]

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