POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY has been around for a long while, but it is hot right now and is based on the wonderful notion that you don’t have to be sick to get better.

 People often go to psychologists in search of some magic “POTION” or idea.


I haven’t found one yet.

 Turns out that  those who seek help before bigger trouble strikes, are most often healthy optimists who believe in and understand the value of taking action.

 This LOVE DOCTOR shouts out about the benefits of what has been called “POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY,” regardless of what office or Zoom call I’m on.

 I call them “SEEKERS” … those who are serious about becoming better versions of themselves and who are exciting to be around. Never mind their age, they are kind of like junior high school kids who believe they can do anything. They exhale energy.

 I’m up for catching all of that kind of energy that I can.


POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY is a tool, not meant to replace more traditional therapy.  Instead of emphasizing one’s problems, it focuses more on building on the strengths of the individual client.

 Who couldn’t benefit from more of that?

 American psychologist, DR. MARTIN SELIGMAN is the founder of the POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY movement.

 Seligman and his compadres, including me, help clients to find concrete ideas for improving their quality of life, including giving some attention to:

1… positive EXPERIENCES, like joy happiness and love (which turn out to have more positive impact on most anyone, as opposed to acquiring material goods.)

2.… positive TRAITS, like empathy, and gratitude.

3,… adding ACTS OF KINDNESS to one’s social repertoire, in order to achieve a personal boost in well-being and … a jump in popularity.

4.… the “fake it until you make it” idea that although putting on a happy face” won’t necessarily make you feel happier,  putting in a little bit of effort likely will.

 SELIGMAN et al also reminds us of all the studies which demonstrate that what we do for others results in more happiness than what they do for us.

 Not quite a “potion”

Just a lovely notion.








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barbara sternJune 17, 2021 at 2:49 pm

Have had a copy of his book since it was published…Do make every effort to use
PP and have integrated it into my life and my work!!! Especially with my adult kids!!
Did Hy like the anchovies?


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