If you want:

To reduce the stress in your life…

To improve your relationships with others…

To live a happier and more positive life…

If you want more control over your emotions, some say to “move to Hawaii”.


 Hawaii can come to you. The Hawaiian practice of HO’OPONOPONO is portable. I understand it also works in New York, California, Florida and where- ever.

Hawaiians defines it as a “mental cleansing, between people… a kind of an alternative family dispute resolution model to help improve relationships which may have gone awry.

HO’OPONOPONO allows forgiveness to do its magic.

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

The practice is so simple with just four healing affirmations.

  1. I’m sorry. 2.Forgive me. 3.Thank you .4. I love you.

It is based on the notion that when you become right with others, you become right with yourself.

Start by taking a few deep breaths. Breathe in… think “relax”. Then breathe out and think “let go.” Then, make peace with  HO’OPONOPONO.


     1. I’m sorry: (In your mind’s eye, apologize to yourself for whatever and take responsibility for your own negative thoughts and emotions.)

     2. Forgive Me: (Reach out to others. This one is not even so much about who you are asking to forgive you, but about your own genuine remorse.)

3. Gratitude: (Gratitude is pure magic as a step in changing your outlook in life. Thank yourself, someone else and/or, if you are so-inclined, , your God. You’ll likely discover, as the Hawaiians have, that the more you are grateful, the more you will have to be grateful for.)

     I Love You: (Ahhh, the power of love. There’s nothing like it to heal and banish your stress. Think of that for which you are grateful… your health, your family, your world… even in these imperfect times.)


What makes HO’OPONOPONO So Powerful? 

 Take notice how all four of these affirmations are positive and universal truths.  Fill yourself with love and gratitude and there is simply less room for the bad stuff.

Take back your  power. The stressors in your life will continue to rear their ugly heads from time to time, , but you’ll be better about regaining control over your own choices about where to put your attention.


  1. Look inward, instead of outward.
  2. Remember that the power to clear away stress and negativity starts from within.
  3. No other person or situation has control over your thoughts.
  4. You can still go to Hawaii … or… for now,  just fantasize.

And…, please stay safe.




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