WONDER WOMAN,  the fictional chick, with the perfect body who is out to save the world, relies on an arsenal of advanced technology which includes the Lasso of truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and a head piece which serves as a projectile.

Hard to believe she sprung from the brain of a man. (Then again… it was a man who invented Tampax.)

WILLIAM MARTSON, a Harvard psychologist, (who lived with two women and had children with both), was also a feminist, philanderer, bondage fan and inventor of the lie detector.

Whether or not you write Martson off as a troubled guy with issues, he gave us an iconic female super hero with a heart. The new movie holds up well and gave our movie group some interesting things to talk about.

Didn’t you love that the only “cheesecake “ in the film was a man?

The character of “Steve Trevor” is adorable, with and without his clothes.


He never over-shadows her… not once. He’s lovable, for sure and ultimately… love conquered all. True, she’d never met a man before and didn’t have anyone with whom to compare.



I do understand why it took so long to get this movie made, though. Would teen-age boys, the ones most likely to go to a super-hero movie, pay to see girls fight?

It did take a leap of faith, for sure.

Brave producers took a chance, finally, betting that if teen-age boys can believe in time travel and ghosts and stuff, why not a girl with super-powers beyond her sexuality?

Turns out the new generation of boys and girls are more broad-minded than we were. The movie grossed over $666, million, world-wide.


        1. What Mom couldn’t relate when Diana, who becomes WONDER WOMAN, was shielded by her mother. As much as she wanted her to succeed at whatever, Mom wanted to protect her from danger. We all do that.

2. What about the scene in the department store, where Diana needed to buy some clothes… sensible clothes. She was initially offered glamorous and totally impractical choices. Surely there is something between dressing like like a super hero and trying to function in too fancy stuff.  (Please don’t tell anybody about my own secret shopping quests.)

3. There was a clear role reversal in the production of this movie. Dozens of female actors and stunt doubles flew

to a town in Italy called “Happy Village” to re-create the all-female paradise of “Themyscira.”

PATTY JENKINS, the director, said “we were living in little bungalows, beautiful and green with no cars. We had all these women in armor fighting on the beach, while all the men—husbands and boyfriends—are walking around with strollers and taking care of the kids.

“And it wasn’t just a gathering of beautiful women. It was exclusively badass, interesting women.”

4. Gal Gadot, the beautiful Israeli soldier and model who stars in the movie, added, “Why do people say If a woman smart and strong, she can’t also be sexy.’ That’s not fair. Why can’t she be all of the above?”Gal has managed. By the way, she was pregnant during the making of this film. This real life super-woman stands as a model to little girls teaching that “if you want something, make it happen.”


 Here were these fictional women living what seemed like an idyllic life on a beautiful island, only to have their lives disrupted by imperialists, looking to destroy them. The interlopers were not interested in them, at all, beyond their destruction.

 Maybe it’s a stretch, but in the name of LOVE, I believe the world community would do well to pay attention.










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