TRUMP aside, surely you know… or love… someone who you’d describe as cocky, arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding?

Your mom may have told you that the bully-kid on the school playground… the one who bugged you… was just insecure and didn’t even believe his own bravado.

 Turns out, your mom was wrong. That bully, a likely narcissist-in training, probably did think he was really hot stuff after all.


Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, conducted a study looking at how much insight NARCISSISTS have into their own personality and reputation.

What they found is that those who scored high on narcissism scales, really do think of themselves as smarter, funnier and more attractive than others.

They’ll even admit to being power-hungry, impulsive, arrogant, and they own up to exaggerating their own abilities.

NARCISSISTS proudly self-identify as “NARCISSISTS”.


They are addicted to admiration. Could be that this helps explain why these poor souls often have all kinds of trouble maintaining good relationships.

I’ve met some who don’t even care about maintaining meaningful connections with anybody. Happily, there aren’t as many of those as it sometimes seems.

NARCISSISTS can be charming and exciting until their self-centered behavior wears thin.

Then, still, there are all kind of reasons why you may choose to keep someone around who exhibits some of these tendencies.


1. Carve out a piece of time for yourself, every day. Do not allow the narcissist in your life to burn through all of your time with his/her demands.
2. Recognize that you cannot change your partner.
3. Stay focused on the good parts of what she/he brings to your relationship.
4. Identify a bottom line. Have a clear idea in your mind just how far you will go to sustain a relationship, which by definition, can be difficult.
5. Once you have identified your personal needs, decide on consequences for that which is unacceptable. Write them down.
6. Keep a journal.
7. Remind yourself that your own emotional needs must also be met, or your relationship will be doomed, no matter how high you choose to jump for her/him.


1. For most people, the nicest way to live is with someone you love, who understands what it takes to love you back.

2. The second nicest way to live, is alone.

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