What a kick.! I got a call from a man I’ve never met who was researching a piece of art he discovered in his Mom’s home, after she passed at 103. He had looked me up on the internet.

I imagine what he wanted to know was if this “ETCHING,” signed by a “Linda Algazi” had any value.

He got one part right. I was the artist. I had created this piece on a copper plate, sometime in the 1970’s. I guess you could say I was a professional  at this time, since my work was featured, for sale, in a Laguna Beach gallery.

I remember the girl who did this.

Etchings are usually made in multiples in limited editions. I think this one had a run of 25. I own three of them, my gentleman-caller has one.

I don’t remember what they were sold for; it was a long time ago.I do remember the house robbery we had, during the move to our new home.


Because the piece had an established price at the gallery, the insurance company reimbursed me for my own  work. They paid nothing for the old TV.

The “ETCHING,” I explained to the man on the phone, had won 3rd prize in a California state-wide print show. It was worthy of something, I suppose, if not a bunch of cash.

I was sorry to have to deliver that message.

I discovered that my “WORK” had found its way to Glendale, California and was owned by a woman who had been Miss Los Angeles. Her claim to REAL fame, according to her son, was that she had been a body double for FAYE RAY, in the original movie, KING KONG.

 That… was enough to impress me.

This experience felt kind of like going to a high school reunion, staring at the 17- year-old photos on everyone’s name tags.

“Who WERE you,” you wonder, about all these sort-of strangers.

Mostly, it felt like a visit back to who I was, back then.

 Thank you, Bruce, for your detective work. You and your wife sound like really fun people.










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