Michelle Obama was quick to discount the words of the person who called her husband a “LAME DUCK”.

“No way,” she smiled.

Apparently, no one has to teach Michelle that a man needs to feel ADMIRED by the woman he loves.

Sweetly, she explained that he was her “SILVER FOX”

Awww. Good job, Michelle.

Casanova recognized how women need to feel ADORED and knew exactly what to do to demonstrate his ADORATION.

Most men, on the other hand, if they had to choose… would rather be ADMIRED.

The dictionary calls ADORATION and ADMIRATION “synonyms.” So, what exactly is the difference?

The way I see it, to ADMIRE someone means to recognize his specialness for a designated and specific reason:

1. For a contribution he makes to you or to someone else.

2. For a way he looks … or

3. For the way he takes care of you

The concept of ADORATION comes from religion, but in the romantic sense,  to ADORE has to do with loving “just because.”

Of course women want to to be ADMIRED too, but mostly, more than anything else, we like being ADORED by the men we love.

Ladies: Do you know the secret to earning “just because” ADORATION?



When your man does something especially good, like say, earning a raise, your ADMIRING words need to focus on how well he’s done, rather than how you will spend the extra money.

Do it right… and sincerely… and there’s likely to be is a big payoff, one much more satisfying than any  raise he might have at work.:

Most often, I do think that it’s the woman who holds the key to Initiating this special kind of mutuality.

If you truly ADMIRE your husband and want him to ADORE you:

  1. Put your admiration into words.
  2. Ask him for his advice.
  3. Suggest he take some time for himself.
  4. Allow him to vent.
  5. Be his safe place.
  6. Allow him to talk.
  7. Get physical.

It can be  a cruel world out there. If you think he’s brave and smart and handsome and funny, you’ve got to let him know… with words and actions.

Act like president of his fan club, if you truly are, and he’s likely to aspire to be even more of a hero. Odds are, he’ll ADORE you for your appreciation.

I call this a formula for a happy marriage.


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