Couples who verbally fight with each other, seem to love more than couples who don’t ever seem to disagree.


Really. Nobody agrees with anybody all of the time.

JUST THINK ABOUT THIS: You have to really trust in the glue that binds you, in order to take on inevitable differences with someone you love.

Those who claim fight-free relationships get no bragging rights. Sorry… it’s likely that at least one of you has ceased to care enough to risk honest revelation.

Lovers who have enough skin in the game, aren’t afraid to work at solving an issue or talking through some disparity, which not likely to ever change.

BOTTOM LINE: The pain of confrontation is much less of a problem for those who are truly committed.

This should not be hard to understand. Love-science teaches us that the most passionate people among us, are likely to be excitable about other issues, as well.

MAKE-UP SEX can be fun after the “right kind of fight”… everybody knows that.


  1. No hitting below the belt… no name calling.
  2. Never, ever, saying anything you can’t take back.
  3. Forget never going to bed without a resolution. Better to “pause” you disagreement until you’ve both had a chance to cool off or get a good night’s sleep.
  4. But, make a date to continue the “discussion, before the “pause.”
  5. No yelling or use of force
  6. Stick to one issue.
  7. Hard as it may be, do not bring up the past.
  8. Take turns speaking, forget the “d” word (divorce) and… listen.

Is it your style to fight fair or is there room for improvement?

Make a note of any “rule” you may have struggled with. Then, in the name of LOVE, come up with a personal plan to change.

You may even learn a thing or two.

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