The morbidly obese who have succeeded in losing weight with the help of BARIATRIC SURGERY, are all too often, put down by others, for “cheating” and for “taking the easy way out.”

Consider that criticism of Weight Loss Surgery is just another form of vicious “Fat Shaming.”


 Those who are one hundred pounds plus… or have been… are often bullied with labels of gluttony, laziness, and lack of self-control.


 Even those who are size-challenged, themselves, have been known to resort to finger-pointing. “FAT SHAMING” seems to be the last acceptable public prejudice.

We’ve seen evidence during the presidential debates in these past few weeks. Eighty million people watched and a presidential candidate gave covert permission to make derogatory remarks about being too fat.

Fat is perceived as a moral failing, with no consideration for the physiological, psychological and genetic contributors.

When cruel and/or sarcastic remarks come from spouses, parents or siblings, it can hurt even more..


“Santa’s Too Fat” is a five-minute short movie, a dramedy, I wrote and produced. It was directed by Elaine Wong. Our purpose was to help build empathy for the brave men and women who are challenged by morbid obesity and who choose to take action.

 Proudly, our five minute film was included in the 2016 Chelsea Film Festival, in New York.


 It tells the story of  Santa Claus, who falls on a child and loses his job at an amusement park for being too fat. And about how he then attends a weight-loss surgery support group to investigate how an operation might help him.


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