We are in the midst of several epidemics.

Teen agers and young adults have been tricked by “THE MAN” into the belief that VAPING is cool. For the most part, these young people are not worried. Which is worrisome.


For one, THE VAPING EPIDEMIC IS downright SCARY. People, mostly young, are getting sick and addicted, even faster than their parents and grandparents did with cigarettes.





VAPING also has emblazoned another epidemic. “ANXIETY” may have always been the number one issue people discussed in therapy but  it  now has a new, additional and dangerous instigator.



Relationship problems, health issues, money concerns, having too much responsibility, feelings of personal failure and /or social media comparisons are known to trigger crippling anxiety. Never mind current political conflicts and concerns about global warming.


Watching a child getting sucked into potential addiction can add even higher levels of ANXIETY to our already frazzled repertoire loving parents worry about.

Why are kids VAPING?


A seventh grader told me about the “cloud competitions” among his friends. “You’ve got to have a Juul to play,” he explained. (Think smoke rings, etc.)” Everybody does it… I don’t know why my parents are making it such a big deal… they smoke.”


Remind your kids that “everybody” doesn’t do it. Most teenagers are choosing not to VAPE. Some kids  may be making some bad choices but that doesn’t mean your child  has to follow that lead.

                                                                                               THINK ABOUT THIS

Kids are often aware of their parents’ bad habits. Parents: own up to them. This is one place where “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO, may actually make an impact. Especially if the teen has witnessed a consequence of his parents’ addiction.

And some kids are making good choices.

This past week, really young people all over the world banded together to shame us elders into protecting the environment so that they could have a chance to grow up and be healthy. Discuss this effort with your kids. I hope they’ll think it’s a new kind of “cool” to participate.

If you worry about your child’s vulnerability in light of the social pressure associated with using, here’s a few things to try:


  1. Empower yourself with the facts. (Google “vaping”)
  2. The sooner you start talking to you children, the better. …
  3. Be direct. Say, “I don’twant you to use e-cigarettes.” …
  4. Just saying “Vapingis bad for you!” isn’t enough. Discuss the real facts.
  5. Focus on the social challenges.
  6. Ask open-ended questions like “What do you think about VAPING?
  7. Be prepared with news articles and facts.
  8. Teachthem how to say “no.”
  9. Be a good role model. And… if the conversation gets heated, end it and make a date to bring it up later.

                                           ESTABLISH ENFORCEABLE RULES AND CONSEQUENCES.

                          Your teenager may just surprise you and be relieved by your loving concern.














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