Following is a true “love-challenge” story,” I tuned into a screenplay, and almost sold several times. Finally, I learned how often it goes that way in show business.


Then, last week, in a fancy eat-in super market, I witnessed a incident very much like the inspiration for my LOVE-CHALLENGE AT THE CAR WASH story.

This LOVE-DOCTOR decided the cautionary tale was worth repeating, even if it will never be a movie.


FREE CAR WASHES ARE GREAT… especially when the dealership also provides Wi Fi. So, here I am, in in the waiting room of a car dealership, worki.

Two men, who each appear to be thirty-something, in business casual, seem to be having a serious conversation. I recognize one of them who nods because he also recognizes me.

When his beeper announces that his car is ready, he waves goodbye. His friend, who I have never met, smiles at me too.

I turn my attention back to my ipad..

A gorgeous young woman approaches this second guy. She had been staring at him from the other side of the room.

She introduces herself with what looks like “sexy assertion.” He just looks kind-of stunned.

I don’t think of myself, as a “spy,” but one could say right now that I am spying. I don’t want them to notice; I try to look engrossed in my work… feeling lucky that multi-tasking has always bee a strong suit.

This girl is good. She has al the moves. She’s tossing back her long locks. Wow. Now she’s touching his arm. He does not appear to have known this girl before. Never mind “before,” I think. His face turns red.

I put on my sunglasses.

Two minutes go by. The lights are flashing on her beeper. She’s handing him what looks like a business card as she smiles… seductively… turns, and walks away, swinging her hips.

Our hero stares at the card. His eyes dart around the room as if to check out witnesses.

I remember, once upon a time, when I really did want to be a spy.

He walks over to the trash bin, hesitates, looks around again… takes a deep breath. And in what seems to be an act of courage, he throws the card away.

Then he catches my eye. Damn. I’ve been caught.

He walks over.



“I know who you are,” he says. “ ‘THE LOVE DOCTOR’ … my friend told me about you.”

I close my iPad, a little embarrassed. I can’t help notice he is wearing a wedding ring.

” I need a marriage counselor,” he says.

I get up and hug him. His wife is one lucky woman… unless of course he’s just putting on an act for me… because he’s been “caught.”

Some how, I don’t think that was the case, though.





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