Watching romantic movies together can be nourishing for your relationship. Trust me… The LOVE DOCTOR knows about these things.
  1. CASABLANCA – A classic, about lost love.
  2. AFRICAN QUEEN – About the power of opposite attraction.
  3. LOVE STORY – About the sacrifices people make in the name of love.
  4. DIRTY DANCING – About dirty sexy dancing.
  5. GHOST – About how love lasts forever.
  6. JERRY MAGUIRE – About sports and love and how the most important thing is who you are with.
  7. SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE – About how true love can happen by chance.
  8. THE NOTEBOOK – About how love triumphs in spite of war, illness and family disappointments.
  9. TITANIC – About how love overcomes class differences, disaster and death.
  10. LOVE ACTUALLY – About ten separate love stories.

Watching some of these movies with your lover can be a springboard for communication. Try it!

Gentlemen: Call these movies “chick-flicks” if you must, but watch a few of them with her and you might like the results!