Know any  “SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW” people?

You know who I mean…. those   OPTIMISTIC souls, who like “Annie,” somehow manage to be happy anyway, even when things don’t seem to be going so well.

Try not to hate them. Instead… learn from them.   Remember how everyone loved “Annie”?

When life throws you a few hard balls, do you have trouble remembering what’s right in you life?

 In the face of real challenge, can you:

    • remember who loves you?
    • think about and really appreciate, some kind or thoughtful thing someone did for you recently?
    • focus on how you feel about the people who are always there for you?
    • recall how you feel when you know you’re really being heard?
    • remember the best thing that has happened to you in the last month?
    • Identify the gift you gave this holiday season, which best reflected the interest or needs of the receiver?
    • recall how you felt when you got it right?
    • still smile? Laugh?
    • remain capable of looking ahead, to when you might resume old passions or develop some new ones?
    • re-think the negative happenstance, or at least part of it, as a ” blessing in an ugly disguise?
    • reach out to help others?
    • hold onto your dreams?
    • still appreciate a beautiful sunset?
    • go back to some “stress – buster,” which has served you well in the past?

Takes a little mindfulness practice, for sure, but if you can focus on what’s right in your life, it can help… and you may even begin to inspire others.
My friend, Chazy,  a woman who exudes first class OPTIMISM, visited this weekend from the east. Never underestimate the value of hanging out with people you’d like to be more like. We,  “sisters from another mother,” laughed, reminisced.

Chazy’s got down the recipe to make lemonade from lemons…. and it’s one reason I so value her friendship.

It was a good day, all around.  I also heard from a childhood friend who sent an e-mail ad for a sculpture of a fire escape much like the one outside the kitchen windows of our apartments in Brooklyn, so long ago. He wanted to share his “find” with someone who would understand.

And… I caught up with my sister, my son, my daughter, and my daughter-in law.

My two grandchildren slept over on Saturday night and crept into our bed in the morning, with their stuffed animals.

Then, when I turned on news about the blizzard back east, I was grateful that there was no snow for us to shovel.


I’d love to hear your list.

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