Eighty years ago Dale Carnegie’s book, “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” was published. Since, tens of millions of copies have been sold.


As a new subscriber to AUDIBLE, I was re-introduced and delighted by the voice version of what was may be the first self-help book. (1934)


Some would call his premise “manipulative”… pay attention to people, he says, because people like when you pay attention to them.


I don’t think that it is manipulative enough to do anyone much harm.

What’s wrong with becoming genuinely interested in other people and then letting them know.

Who couldn’t use a few extra smiles anyway?



 Speaking of smiles, there is a payoff to the SMILER. Nothing’s phony about that, either. Smiling is likely to make YOU feel even better than the person you are smiling at. Add a few kind words and watch what happens. 

You may change you world… or at least your outlook. You might even get lucky.

Try it out on strangers, or your spouse. Be a good listener.

Ask questions.

When someone disagrees with you, show respect for their opinions. If you believe Mr. Carnagie, every person you meet has something to offer you… if only you’d pay attention.

Practice being sympathetic… to the other person’s needs… even when they are so different from yours.

I ordered a bunch of copies to pass forward… maybe even to Donald Trump.


It felt good to think again about the importance of Carnegie’s very simple “PFLs” (PRESCRIPTIONS FOR LIVING. Maybe Mr. Trump would think so too.

I wonder if I, myself have been nice enough lately.






Carnagie was an optimist, who believed that men and women can be inspired to behave better through by genuine caring and kindness.

I’m also an optimist.

Irregardless, one might argue that if you are sincerely interested in someone or something, you should not need a book to tell you to look interested.

I agree that it should be organic.

But I also think that sometimes a reminder can’t hurt.


 Whether you are looking to improve you business, communication skills or if you struggle with friendships and love, love, this book is a worthwhile read.




 “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” remains a tool from which we can learn.

My friends… Open your thinking to gather tools from everywhere.

Then… make someone smile today.

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