We read about animals that mate for life, like the MACARONI PENGUIN. These adorable big birds dance when they spot their mate.  They are likely to puff up their chests, swing their heads from side to side and gurgle with apparent delight.

And that’s all before their baby arrives.

Then, the daddy watches over his chick, while the mommy hunts for food. They team up for better or worse. Awesome.

We humans often don’t do as well.

Some do, though.

Imagine being a part of a couple, who by happenstance, were each born on the same day. Now imagine, married for some sixty years or so, each of you dies within a few minutes of each other… holding hands.

Think that’s impossible?

Think again.

I know of such a couple. They died together, a few weeks ago. Perhaps the Macaroni Penguins were their heroes…but it could have been vice versa.

They must have also mastered the art of avoiding political discussions… and a few other things.

In any event, it had to be difficult for their “children, “ no matter how old, to lose two adored parents at once.

Living and dying as they did, I hope it also inspiring for them.

When I heard the news, even from a distance, I smiled through my tears… mostly about the high romance of it all.

If you’ve never heard about “BROKEN HEART SYNDROME”, it is a real thing.







Technically, “TAKOTSUDO CARDIOMYOPATHY,”is a usually impermanent heart condition, which happen as a result of super- stressful situations.  Like, the death of a loved one.


Statistics warn survivors about their own vulnerability after the death of their spouses.  Widows and widowers were at least 30% more likely to die of any cause during the first six months following a spouse’s death.

But after live together for sixty or more years, never mind the happenstance of being born on the same day, dying together, sounds more like epic romance.



I wish my cousins, Donna and Richard…  peace… and may Donna’s parents’ memory be a blessing to their family.






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