Talk to the people who have failed to achieve their professional dreams and most likely, they’ll tell you about their bad luck and about how their failure had more to do with happenstance.

Those who have been successful, on the other hand, take more credit for determining their own life paths.

Turns out happy, successful people, who also make enough money to satisfy their needs, have other things in common, as well:


  1. They know the importance of building a community.
  2. They know how to leave a good impression. They hang with people who inspire them.


  1. They are interested in learning all they can from those who have come before them and have succeeded in whatever.
  2. They read a lot to learn something new every day.
  3. They don’t ever lunch alone.
  4. They pay attention to their diet and to their exercise regimen.
  5. 7.They put energy into maintaining good health.



  1. They take chances…. And when they fail, they dust themselves off and take more chances.


8. Their screen-time is likely to be limited to learning aboutstuff. (Dumb TV shows are watched at a minimum.)

  1. Most successful people read a lot. (Turns out that those who rely on chance for their success, don’t read much.)

10. The successful/rich are likely to start their day ahead of the rest of us. They use the time to run or to lift weights and to create a workable, productive plan for the day.


11. Rich people become rich because they save some of their money. Duh. They’ve paid attention to the wisdom of their mentors. “It doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you spend even more than you have.”)

12. Successful people love their work… or some part of it.



Those who are happiest, may  be  the most lovable. They make the best partners and friends, in part, because they are likely to be emotionally generous.

It’s not always true, but given their own comfort level, it’s easier for people who feel good about themselves to celebrate the successes of others.


If you are professionally “successful,” you’ve probably gotten that way because you’ve made mature decisions, have found a workable passion and have pursued it with diligence.


Or, maybe, you’ve won the lottery. (I did win $200 in a raffle this week… first time in my life.)



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