Don’t believe  computers and cyberspace and LOVE are made only for the young and flexible.

“Liz,” 68, was widowed last year. He adoring husband passed a way after a long illness. Liz says she is lonely and hates coming home at night to an empty house and an empty bed.

She and her friend, Milli decided to explore the idea of playing golf, as a means to meeting men.

“Men love golf,” said Milli..








At the driving range, they fumbled around with borrowed clubs. They couldn’t help but notice how many men were out hitting balls.

“The odds look pretty good,” Liz whispered to her friend.

In fairly short order, a man, not too young, approached and offered a few tips for hitting the ball.

Milli, who had her eye on another man, winked at her friend. “Go for it,” she said, and walked away.

Liz cooed, “You make it look so easy… ”Does you wife play golf too”.

The man looked at her and with daggers in his eyes said…  “I DON’T HAVE A WIFE… AND LISTEN UP…. I DON’T WANT A WIFE… NOT NOW, NOT EVER… I was just trying to be helpful.”

Then he turned and walked away.

It took a second or two, and Liz laughed the incident off. “Too bad for him… he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

The next night she went on-line to a senior dating site.




Liz was inspired by a new book written by my friend, SUSAN ALPERTand her writing partner/ pal, STEPHEN MORSE;It’s all about “SENIOR LOVE IN CYBERSPACE. “


It is a fun read and available for purchase on AMAZON.


The authors demonstrate that you are never too old for a new love and how on-line dating can help you have some fun, excitement and maybe even help you to meet a soul mate.

Tell anyone you are doing this and you are likely to get some negative push back, however. Your friends may think you are ridiculous to be looking for some new 70ish dude who could get sick and need a caregiver.

The golf-guy probably really does want to be alone, but for Liz and others like her, the idea of finding a new lover remains titillating.

Like authors Alpert and Morse, Liz is a hopeless romantic, open for an adventure.

Besides being lonely, it’s not convenient to be alone. Most men also don’t often enjoy being a fifth wheel in a couple’s world.

Susan reminds her readers, that if they dare to jump in and participate on an internet dating site,  that they must make sure someone… a friend… knows who they are meeting and where.

Best to resist bringing strangers to your home or even sharing your address until much later.

Oh, and be prepared for outrage from your adult children.

Susan and Stephen tell their love/un-love story in the pages of their book. Even if you are not yet there, chances are you hope to become old some day.

And whether or not you are single…  or even if you will never be single… the honesty of these two, each speaking in their own voice and from their own experience is instructive and refreshing.



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Shannon InouyeApril 12, 2019 at 4:20 pm

I’ve read Sue Alpert’s other two books, which are also invaluable. Loved your blog, Linda!!


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