Forget about your age… I’d bet you have a dream. Everyone sort-of has one. What’s yours?

magic wand

Once you’ve identified it, you already know that magic wands rarely work and that to even give it a shot, you are going to need a really good road map.

I was reminded again how enriching it is to dream big and what fun it can be to turn that energy into an identifiable goal… even without the fairy tale ending.

I want your dreams to come true… and mine too, of course. I saw an inspirational movie this week which inspired me into action.

 “DARK HORSE,” the movie, is playing at one of those art theaters, you know, the ones who show indie flicks and where almost everyone in the audience has gray hair.

dark horse

 If you are a young dreamer who dares to be different, this movie may be an inspirational opportunity for you too. Check it out.

It is a true story about a group of friends from a working men’s club in Wales, a mostly motley crew, who pool their meager savings to take on the elite ‘sport of kings’ and breed themselves a racehorse.

These people had an “impossible” dream, but hard work, perseverance and passion led then to a workable plan.

 THEIR PLAN WAS: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE AND ACTION ORIENTED,  the very same elements your dream… and mine… will need for possible success.

It worked for them, big time…  and Just as it happens in  fairy tales…  their horse, turned out to be a winner

If you haven’t read or seen “THE WONDERFUL ICE CREAM SUIT,” a short story, made into a movie and play, by Ray Bradbury, check it out. Same theme, really as DARK HORSE.”

ice cream

 A group of young, poor men decide that they would have a better chance at doing most anything, if only they had a perfect suit of clothes. They take action and chip in to buy  a wonderful, white, “ice cream” suit and agree to take turns wearing it, in pursuit of their individual dreams.

Each succeeded and credited the “magical clothes,” which apparently, gave them the confidence they needed.

 The hero of the story, “Martinez,” whose idea this was in the first place, got the best prize. He got his girl … but realized that it was his smile, and not the suit at all, which had captured her heart. She hadn’t evened noticed his suit.


You can’t win the lottery unless you have a ticket.

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