Just finished reading WAKING THE TIGER: HEALING TRAUMA, by PETER LEVINE, who reminds us that individuals are often traumatized by incidents that may not even have had any significant impact on others.


Which does not make my “trauma”… or yours… any less traumatic.

LEVINE teaches us how to be prepared for the inevitable glitches that come our way.

Every magazine and newspaper are filled with stories about “MINDFULNESS”… being aware of body, mind, and feelings in the present moment… the “RIGHT NOW” practice which is hot right now.

Your body, it turns out, is very wise.

Psychological scars from all kinds of trauma are reversible, if only if we learn to listen… and to trust it’s messages.

Becoming hyper-aware and experiencing what is happening in your life right at this moment… without rushing to change or interpret… can have a big payoff.


Ready to heal?

Yes? Then, just for now, suspend thinking. (It may not be so easy at first.)

Stay in the moment and listen for the physical sensations your body is experiencing.


(This is a big-deal-idea coming from this cognitive – behavioral love doctor.)

Maybe the ICE CUBE METAPHOR author LEVINE puts forth will help clarify things for you too. It melts my imagination (LOL).


When an ice cube comes out of the freezer, it can be sticky in addition to being cold, hard and cube shaped. Then, instead of sticky, it will begin to feel wet.

Things change if you hold the ice cube for a while. Never mind that it is still an ice cube.

Same as for any internal experience. Things change and over time this change is likely to release a new perspective and vitality. Then there will be plenty of time for thinking.

It’s all about transformation. Every single “trauma” is an opportunity to shake things up and transform.

In every life, there are always periods of tranquility and disturbance.

After a disturbance, there is always a push to restore equilibrium and relief.


Through this push or INTEGRATION process, the winners among us gather needed tools, loving support and resources which makes it easier to weather whatever the internal storm and to re-direct personal energy toward joy.

“WAKING THE TIGER” by Peter Levine is a good read.

I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe holiday and a year with more tranquility than not.





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