This love doctor keeps her eye open for those people… couples… who seem to know how to take an extra bite out of life. I can’t help myself.

 Maybe, I think, I’ll learn a few new tricks.

 Haven’t you also noticed that people who are willing to seek out new experiences… just for plain fun… seem to have more fun?

Even when an experience turns out to be a dud it’s no big deal. If you are with someone you care about, the experience becomes part of your shared “romantic “history”… something to laugh about together.

I was vacation-bonding with my grandson, Aidan, last week in Washington DC.

I didn’t need to be nine, to appreciate the “DUCK TOUR,” through the Capitol sights. Our duck-trolley magically… delightfully… turned into a boat, half way into the trip.

We passengers blew “duck whistles” at passerbys.

Guess what? Not everyone on the “boat” even had a child with them.

There were young couples holding hands, another grandmother and one older couple, who also seemed delighted with their whistles… and each other.

 I paid most attention to them.

They were on a “date,” I decided.  I noticed that they wore wedding rings and I hoped they were married to each other. Of course, one can never be sure.

I saw them giggle and acknowledge the silliness of this experience. He pulled her close.

I averted my eyes and smiled.

In my head, they were a married couple who were taking a romantic step out of the ordinary to shake things up a bit.


If you are in a long-term relationship, ducks aside, what do you do to keep your relationship fresh? What do you do to avoid the inevitable speed bumps of boredom?


  1. Buy a meaningful just-because gift for your partner.
  2. Try visiting a new city, or a new restaurant or a new hotel
  3. Surprise her with your presence just ever-so-often. (No stalking, please) Let him/her show you off at work.
  4. Take turns planning a fun date night… or day… every week or two.
  5. Commit to a little extra attention in the bedroom.
  6. Add something “new” to your life together…. a cooking class, yoga, tennis, golf or dancing lessons or whatever tickles your joint imagination.


The bedroom stuff is likely to come naturally when things are “going right”… and going right requires “new” things to talk and laugh about.


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