The final ritual of any year-end celebration includes taking down the tree, putting away decorations and returning those gifts, which aren’t quite right.

The one gift most likely to returned after the holidays is LADY’S  LINGERIE.  (And yes, I’ve written about this before.)

It seems that men like to give these pretty little things more than women like to to receive them.


What’s up with this?





Listen in on a conversation between “Penny” and her husband, “Paul,” after Penny had spent “Boxer day” (the day after Christmas) at the mall.

Penny: “You can’t believe the crowds. I returned a few things and it took me forever.”

Paul: “What did you return?”

Penny: “Oh… that sweater you didn’t like and…. a few other things.”

Paul: “Like the black teddy I bought you???”

Penny, “ … It wasn’t quite the right size.”

Paul: (hopeful) “So… you exchanged it for the right size?”

Penny,  (angry)  “Everything comes down to sex, doesn’t it?   If I were to  wear that THING, I’d  look like I’m ready for sex. Right?”

Paul: “What’s wrong with that? You are my wife.”

Peggy: “I am your wife, Paul. I think you forget that sometimes. You don’t talk to me very often and you don’t listen when I talk to you…You used to bring me flowers.”

Paul: “So that’s it… you want flowers instead of teddies? Is that it?  Never mind… don’t answer that…. I don’t think we are fighting about lingerie.”

Peggy: “A little ANTICIPATION… would go a long way.”

Paul: (smiles at her seductively) “Okay, Let’s start over…. Can we make a date….  to make love… tonight?”

Peggy: (exasperated)  “You just don’t get it.”

Paul:  (raises his eyebrows a bit and smiles.) “Maybe you could convince your “ANTICIPATOR” to work just a little harder.’

(He takes her hand.)

Peggy: (melting a bit.) “Do you love me, Paul?”

Paul: Never question that. I TOLD you I loved you when I asked you to marry me and I promised to tell you if I ever changed my mind. Silly girl.”


Peggy: “No jokes, Paul. ”I need you to SHOWme you love me… to notice when I wear a new dress… to take an interest in my projects and take my hand like you just did… just more often.”








Paul: “I love you Peggy.”

Peggy: “With or without the lingerie?”

Paul  (seriously) “No jokes.”

Peggy:  (she smiles) “Come over here, sweetheart.”











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Susan UpsonDecember 28, 2018 at 7:06 pm

Seems a gift of lingerie from a man is more of a gift for him and a big hint for her, at least for this couple.


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