In my last blog, I celebrated the short, but wonderful life of my daughter-in-law Joy, from whom I learned so much about emotional generosity.

So many of you responded. “How can I improve?”

It sounds like a good idea to almost everyone to be “emotionally generous.” But… is it a skill one can really learn?


If you are still reading this, it probably means you are nicer than most people, anyway.

Motivated to get even better?

Start by taking a personal inventory. Think of the ways you may have been emotionally stingy? Be honest. How is it you think, act and behave toward others every single day?

Yes, you can even think about what’s in it for you too.

Happiness has a way of coming full circle. When you look outwards and empathize a bit more with others, chances are pretty good you’ll feel happier and more positive yourself.

What else can you do?

Start with a few random acts of kindness. Do something which may help make someone’s day brighter… even if it feels like a stretch a first… or that you’re being phony.

With a little practice, you’ll recognize how you’ve changed yourself, for real.  Spreading good feelings does not in any way diminish your own accomplishments. Operate from love and not from ego.

Reach out with no expectation of return.

I’ve been living in a hotel for the last few months. The well-trained staff seem to have perpetual happy faces. I get that its their job to do so… but you know what?

It doesn’t matter as much as you might think. I love looking at happy smiles and listening to their offers of help.

They brighten my day anyway.

Imagine if we did that for the people we love.

At work, one husband told me how he listens to his wife “laughing on the phone with her girlfriends” and explains that he gets jealous. His plaintive cry?  He wishes his wife would sound as happy with him. He’s not the first husband to tell me this. How unfortunate that we are likely to take for granted those we love best.

Practice smiling a bit more, praising someone, show some gratitude and /or express concern for someone’s troubles.

You can educate strangers and spread some happiness… just because.

And… even more important…  extending yourself in sweet ways to those you love, can have the most wonderful kinds of dividends.

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