No, I don’t think I’m super- grinchy at all, at least when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. A little grinchy, maybe. A contradiction? Let me explain…

Say, in 2020, you want to be richer, skinnier, healthier… or you want to read more or remember to be grateful and to clean up your car. Maybe you want to be kinder to yourself or to somebody else. Or both. Perhaps you want to let your anger go and smile more. Say, you just want to be happier. In any event:

“You gotta have a dream,” said Oscar Hammerstein. “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?”

 I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t ever dare to take the dream-challenge. Life with a dream… and a plan… can be so much more interesting.

To be really happy, I agree with Oscar… you’ve “gotta” have some sort of dream.

                                                                         THINK ABOUT THIS

If you are prepared to make one NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION, this year, make it to identify a “PASSION” WHICH WILL SUSTAIN YOUR INTEREST.


This may be quite a challenge. A PASSIONATE DREAM can be scary to recognize, becausE,  once you do, it implies a responsibility, if just to yourself…  to take action.

                                                                             THINK ABOUT THIS, TOO

 EASY SHORT-TERM CHOICES GENERALLY RESULT IN A HARD LIFE. (Think about choosing to party vs. completing some project.)

 HARDER CHOICES IN THE SHORT TERM… ARE MORE LIKELY TO PAY OFF IN TIME. (Ask someone whose life you admire. Chances are he/she did not win the lottery.)

There few short-cuts. The right kind of dream, includes a SUPER-COMMITMENT,  a resolve to do or change something… along with SUPER-COURAGE. To succeed, you may have to dig down very deep.

Are you ready? Maybe not. If not, do yourself a big favor.

Save up the energy to pursue your dream for when you are, rather than forcing change just because it’s a New Year.

Mostly, as the calendar turns, I wish you the courage to dream big and  love yourself…  as you love others.



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