Algazi Family Counseling Inc. — Dr. Linda Algazi Ph.D

We, at Algazi Family Counseling Inc., are dedicated to helping individuals and families to live their lives with passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Linda Algazi, Ph.D is a clinical psychologist and family counselorDr. Linda Algazi Ph. D - Picture of her Shingle

Our clients and patients are healthy, high-functioning people who may be at a crossroads in their lives. Often, they are seeking personal change in some area. Coaching and partnering with those who are appropriately motivated to reach for their potential is a professional pleasure for us.


Dr. Linda is a psychologist and marriage counselor, who has been called “Orange County’s Love Doctor,” for good reason. She’s helped thousands of couples to renew their commitment to one another after things have either gotten a little stale… or downright traumatic.

Most people would agree that affection and loving sex enhance their lives… or that they wish it would! Romance, after all, is the sweet spice-of-life that makes it all worthwhile. Nurturing the most important relationships in our lives is a continued priority for happiness.

Resentment is a romance-killer. Over time, it becomes too easy to build up angers and/or to take each other for granted.

Before there is serious trouble, a marriage “tune-up” may be all you need. If, on the other hand, your marital life has spiraled out of control, some counseling, with or without your partner, may help turn things in a new direction.

Where there is serious trouble, we can help too. If your life has been affected by emotional or physical abuse, the appropriate intervention can help your regain your life and your personal power. She is an expert in helping people recover after infidelity.

Dr. Linda has also helped those who are between relationships to define and project what they are really looking for in a life-partner. No one wants to repeat past mistakes. A little self- search and personal “inventory taking” can be a healthy prerequisite for your next and better love.


Life presents us all with challenges which sometimes results in transient and/or appropriate anxiety and depression. We can help . We teach behavioral and cognitive skills in a supportive atmosphere to help ease your anxiety and/or depression and help you to cope and make better decisions. If necessary, we will refer you for medical or psychiatric consultation.


If your weight has gotten out of control, we can help you get it back in control!
When you are ready for a personal and gentle challenge, we offer lifestyle and nutritional guidance along with a behavioral and psychological success “toolbox” full of options!


We offer family counseling services for both intact and separated families. We have been serving Newport Beach, Irvine and Laguna familIes for over 30 years.

Teenagers often have trouble making a smooth transition to adulthood. They may benefit from having a life coach… someone who is not their parent… who understands.

If your family has been fractured by divorce or illness, we can help you and your children to thrive. Children who live in two places — mom’s house and dad’s house— have special challenges. These kids and their parents also may benefit from a little real-life coaching.