There are many arbitrary times to call for a life re-evaluation. Perhaps you’ve just turned 21, 50 or…  80. Or maybe you are motivated because of something completely out of your control.




  1. Are you comfortable enough deciding when to “hold em” an when to “fold em” when on the proverbial fence?
  2. Do you ever look in a “mirror” and not recognize yourself, at least how you thought you would be at whatever your age?
  3. How’s that bucket list doing?
  4. Do you have dreams… aspirations?
  5. Are you willing to suffer through the inevitable pain of making some tough change…say… like changing your diet or your career?
  6. Have you ever considered going back to school or taking the time to learn a new skill?
  7. Are you motivated to invest new fire into your relationships?
  8. Do you ever itch to start over?
  9.  Have you made peace with yourself and for the life you’ve created?
  10. Are you ever plagued with the idea that things could be better if only you would take a chance?
  11. Does taking that chance seem like too much work?

Join with us who recognize that there may be too much at stake to risk some urge for dramatic challenge… even when it would serve us well.

On the other hand… make no mistake…  the ability to stay true to old commitments and to make them work can be a mark of emotional maturity.

 Enter: THE PANDEMIC… another big-time, easy to understand excuse to stay stuck, for sure. That is if you are looking for an excuse.

 What if confronting the Covid Challenge is the kick in the pants you need to make THAT MONUMENTAL CHANGE.  What if you’ve lost your job or the threat of doing so remains a reality?


Thinking about change may actually become easier. You think?


Perhaps it’s your health which deserves attention. Or your marriage. Have you and your spouse somehow disconnected?

 An old book by Judith Sills Ph.D. remains one of my favorites. (You can order it on Amazon). “THE COMFORT TRAP: OR WHAT IF YOU’RE RIDING A DEAD HORSE” is a motivational and worthwhile read.

 Sometimes it takes an enormous threat, to change lanes and/or take a leap.

 Still, I hate the idea of being “pushed” off a fence and can’t wait for things to return to “NORMAL.”


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Karen NatlandOctober 24, 2020 at 8:03 pm

Hi Linda. It’s been decades. This really struck a cord with me. I’m wondering if you might have the interest energy to do a zoom group with this outline. I’m struggling along this increasingly lonely path. And always the unexpected blessings and speed traps. Wishing you health and as much peace as possible. Karen Natland


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