I never thought about myself as a hypochondriac; nor am I a chicken about most things.

I am a psychologist, though, and as such, I’ve treated many people, more fearful than I, about what the future may bring, in different areas of their lives.

Worrying, I’ve learned, doesn’t do much good … unless it results in an action-plan. Most of what we worry about never happens anyway so I decided long ago, to accept that as a truism.

This is a tough week, though, to hold on to that idea. We also need to hold on to each other… at a distance, of course… in the name of LOVE.

Yes, I’m washing my hands and avoiding large crowds. It hasn’t helped much… my psyche, that is.

I’m worried about the children, if and when their schools close… especially those who count on the stability their classrooms offer and the meals available at school, for those who depend on it.

I’m worried about their parents who depend on the child-care that school provides.

I’m worried that people I love will get sick and will be compromised by this coronavirus.

I’m worried about the business’ which may fail and for the people who may lose their jobs.

I’m worried about my own finances.

I’m worried about … well … everything.


Come on, you guys. We elected you and now we need direction. We need you to exude confidence and demonstrate that you have the best people working on solving this pandemic thing. We need you to stick to a reasonable story.

 Tell us what to do. Make diagnostic testing available to us… all of us. Help us be prepared, if and when too many of us get sick at once.

 What a wonderful time to empower our children to learn about the real importance of keeping hands cleaned … not just because Mommy says they should. Most educators surely recognize that this is a teachable moment in time and that kids can benefit from learning about the bacteria and on the importance of keeping clean.

If they are still open, set up microscopes in schools or libraries with “HANDS-ON” demonstrations.

Bless the NBA, the NHL, MLB, Disney and all the other venues who have taken serious action.

It’s our government’s turn to step up even further.  Funds have been allocated, but for what exactly, isn’t yet clear.

Considering the facts we’ve been given, I don’t think I am over-reacting. There is a good chance that many more people will get sick and that the most vulnerable among are in real jeopardy. We need to LOVE each other through this to make sure that we can mitigate this potential catastrophe.



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Nancy SchofieldMarch 12, 2020 at 6:20 pm

“We elected you and now we need direction.” … Um, no.


Susan AlpertMarch 12, 2020 at 7:53 pm

Right on, Love Doctor. Well said.

Susan Alpert


Susan UpsonMarch 12, 2020 at 10:30 pm

The biggest problem is that we don’t know enough about this new virus to make reasonable decisions to advise the public. Wash hands, stay home if you’re sick, and keep your distance when out in public. These are truisms that go back at least a hundred years. Panic and media hype are never good.


arlene glassmanMarch 12, 2020 at 11:02 pm

Amen – Linda


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