Scripps holds a contest every year to guess the amount of June Gloom days for the year (Science isn’t very good at predicting June Gloom, despite the climate science industry’s best efforts).


Lots of luck with that this year. Consider the horror of the death of George Floyd, the loud voices rallying for racial quality, Covid 19, the quarantine, job loss, looting, isolation, the shutdown of our schools, the cancellations of vacations, closed stores, the disappearance of “California blonds” manicured nails and smiles. (I miss the smiles hidden under those masks.)

Never mind the fear associated with non-Covid medical issues. No one wants to go near anyone in a white coat.

Who could have imagined?  Can you imagine what’s to come next? Just as I was thinking about that, BREAKING NEWS announced a sizable earthquake erupting in San Bernadino, California.

If I was a time traveler with a choice, I wonder if I would go back… or forward.

What would you do?

The house next door to mine, built almost 50 years ago, is being deconstructed as I write this. It is a fascinating process to watch. Five or six workmen along with what looked like a few children of the workers, pitching in to help. They all look happy enough to be working.

One very young “helper,” anxious to share his experience, waved. “Isn’t this something,” he said. This house must have taken sooo long to build… and we are ‘disappearing’ it in two days!”

A perceptive kid, for sure. For me, the experience feels like a metaphor for the circle of life.

If I were a time-traveler and if I had to choose, I wouldn’t go back. No way.

I pledge to remain optimistic about the future. I get that it may take some time, but I want to believe that we will be left with a kinder, healthier and gentler world. Hopefully, we will take along with us some of the very positive lessons learned during our “May Gray” and “June Gloom” experience.

For now: Until the sun comes out “tomorrow,” we still have to live through No-Sky July and Fog-Gust.

It’s reassuring to recognize that we have some control  Best to go forward with a smile in your heart and to gently touch elbows with others.

As for me, I can’t wait to see the beautiful new home next door and to welcome our new neighbors.

Stay strong and healthy.



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barbara sternJune 13, 2020 at 11:37 am

Thanks for the upbeat look at what the future may look like…There are times I agree
with your optimistic view of “tomorrow” and then, again, there are many times when
I find myself struggling with less positive issues! But, I try to visualize the happy and
productive times I have been fortunate enough to enjoy in my life…then the phone
rings and it’s one of my kids, or a friend, a neighbor to say “hello” and invite me over
for a “happy hour” or one of my Women’s Wisdom clients calling to thank me for the
recent group…Linda, thanks again for your sustained “happy note”!!


Dr.lindaJune 13, 2020 at 12:34 pm

You remain an inspiration to so many!
Love your words!


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