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“Love” is so powerful that it can turn your world upside down and inside out. It can be downright scary. When it works, though, there’s nothing quite like it and makes even a bumpy ride seem worthwhile.

If you’ve ever loved, surely you agree.

But should you become single again, chances are that the fear of making a mistake will kick in just about the time you begin to think seriously about a new relationship?

“I’ don’t know if I can trust him,” said one young woman.

“She makes me feel like Superman,” says a gentleman, currently in a self-described, mid-life crises. “I know I’m not really Superman.”

“Once, I thought I knew what ‘love’ was,” said another man. Now divorced, he’s questioning his own “love-instincts.”

So, how do you know if this love is for real?

You just know, I think.

“Love” is something you feel, but which remains hard to describe. What I do know, for sure, is that if you love him, his heart is safe with you and that you’ve found a way to let him know that. And that you wouldn’t even think about, thinking about, sharing his secrets with your girlfriends.

If you love her, you’ve been charmed by her vulnerabilities and have treated them with the same respect with which she has treated yours.

Trick question: Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? In Paris, Pebble Beach or…. ?

“I asked my boyfriend that question,” said the young woman who had expressed concerns about her relationship.

“He said he wanted to wake up next to me.”

That would be even be hard for me to resist. Will her guy stick around for the hard stuff? A little “tincture of time,” is called for here, to let their romance play out. (if you are curious, check in with me. I’ll keep you posted.)

Yes, it’s more than okay to enjoy a few delusions, now and then, especially when they are shared. And feeling a little like Superman… or Wonder-woman… is not all that bad.

Search inside your heart and be honest. Do you feel better about yourself when you are with him/her? Do you? These are feelings that come with “love.”

With “love,” laughter comes easily too. You’d rather laugh with him/her than anyone else… most of the time, anyway.
If I love you, I have your back. If I feel loved by you, I’ve come to trust that you have mine.

THINK ABOUT THIS: If hearing from her during the day, makes you smile and not feel annoyed… if all it takes are a few love-words from him, to turn around your world or your week… If you can’t imagine life without him/her, hold on tight.


Trust me… I’m the love doctor and I know about these things!

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