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July 18, 2013

“BROKENSHIPS” is the name of the café in an award-winning museum in Croatia, called The Museum of Broken Relationships.

A totally cool and brilliant idea.

More than ever, museum professionals look for way to make exhibitions, their “wares” if you will, relevant to this latest generation who have been raised in a interactive world.

This museum is NOT about a “world within worlds.” This museum is about you and me.

Think about it. Other than the need for water and food and shelter, nothing can be more universal than the need for security within our human bonds.

Love rocks your world and mine. Every single time. It doesn’t matter if you are in Croatia, California, New York or Taipei. (The museum has a traveling exhibition, currently in Taiwan.)

That agony associated with of broken relationships, is also universal. You know what I mean.

Bravo to those who designed the idea of encouraging people, all ages and stages, to share the symbols of their pain and/or relief, when their love relationships ended. The museum houses a collection of objects, former lovers are happy to discard. Each item, of course, has a story.

For sure, the museum is interested in encouraging discussion and reflection on the political, social and cultural circumstances surrounding the stories. But mostly, it just seems to be making a statement about human emotion and the fragility of relationships.

BROKENSHIP’S, the café within the museum, offers a chance to “pull yourself together after the emotional whirlwind,” which is likely to be triggered by the exhibition.

Gentle music, a quiet atmosphere, traditional pepper or lemon-lavender cookies, mulled wine and tea are all designed to comfort and/or inspire the broken- hearted.

How about a trip to Croatia?

Some relationships really, are best, broken. And, that’s coming from this never-cynical LOVE DOCTOR.

There are times and reasons why even some successful relationships should end. There are times though, that a broken heart is a tragedy, pure and simple.

Whatever your story, it hurts, at least for a while.

Can you remember a love “liason” that ended, in your life? What symbol would you liked to have purged?

Tell me about it, or show me a picture.

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