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Noooo!It must be true. I read it and  it wasn’t  even in the tabloids:

Twenty percent of people under thirty-five text while having sex. Some older folks, apparently, are guilty too.

I can’t vouch for what happens in the bedrooms of these people but I don’t think it could be very much of anything very fun or meaningful. And that’s coming from someone who prides herself on being able to juggle at least more than one thing at a time.

Please don’t let  your so-called smart phones, get in the way of your relationship.

Throw out those phones if you must. Or just keep them out of the bedroom, forget about them when you go to dinner and especially during  intimate encounters.

This love doctor says: In the name of love, turn off your phones for special occasions

Which brings me to the internet. Too many people are also letting computer time interfere with real time. Forget Anthony Weiner and this week’s newest cyber-scandal. Better to hang out with your own lover.

NEWS FLASH #1: Even if you  ignoreall the  lusty opportunities on line, navigating through game scores and other stuff, may very well also  be at the expense of somebody you say you love.

Check it out.

And for those not so innocent, there is even more potential trouble.

NEWSFLASH #2: “Downloading” your thoughts and dreams and fantasies with someone other than your significant other is CHEATING.

“Emotional Infidelity” where no sex is involved, is breaking up marriages every day. The internet has made it easier.

Women, whose needs for affection, conversation and openness/intimacy sometimes have their fantasies satisfied by strangers who simply seem interested in them. Too many women have fallen for men they don’t even know, just because they seem willing, eager, to “communicate”. Because it is in cyber space, there is an illusion of safety.

I dare you to spend two hours each evening, without smart phones, computers or televisions… and with someone you care about.

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