December 20, 2012

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the tragedy in Connecticut. Here is a sampling of the more than sixty responses  I received from family and friends:

“Every American should fly a flag at half mast every day for one month,

and then on the 14th day of every month until the President signs a strong restriction and control of gun ownership.”

“Bring back public executions of those cowards and we will see that stuff end quick.  Tell those nut cases that if we catch them dead or alive, they will be fed to hungry chimps.  Sick of people thinking it is easy to kill and there is no accountability.”

“We too are OUTRAGED!!!  Thanks for your posting. “

“Did you read George Skeleton’s LA Times column this morning?  If people “want & must” have guns then … SINGLE SHOT is the way to go.”

“As for me…. I say the cat’s out of the bag with all the “weapons of war” on the streets of our great country & true gun control may be impossible so… how about ammunition control?”

“It’s like Mirabelle’s class, exactly her age.  She knows nothing yet as they don’t have a tv, so hope it’s not a rude awakening tomorrow at school.  Her teacher e-mailed the parents that she will play it be ear tomorrow, as some kids may be well informed by TV  and by parents.”

“My grandkids go to school two exits away. My heart was in my throat.”

“We did nothing when a President was shot, when a Senator was shot, when a religious leader was shot, when several schools had mass murders, when a congressional rep was shot, when a movie audience was shot, so now there are hopeful people because 5, 6 & 7 year olds were shot.  If some controls are not put in place now,  then when?”

“I strongly agree with you.  No one needs to own a automatic weapon . Look at what happened in the shooter’s family.  We need to pay more attention to mental health in this country and provide more services.”

Your email addresses many of the same feelings we have.. We all need to be involved and stop this insanity that makes this country one of the most violent countries in the world.”

“Automatic weapons, which have the ability to kill so efficiently and  maximize damage by allowing bullets to explode inside a body’s soft tissue, must be eliminated. NOW. ”

I looked at the faces of these dear little children and cried.  How could this possibly happen? We want to keep our Sophie close to

us and, as you said, give her lots of love. I can’t imagine life without her.

“The NRA must do something to demonstrate responsibility to keep certain kinds of weapons from the public.”

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