You did something wrong, for sure… and you really are sorry.

Perhaps you’ve gossiped without knowledge, broke a confidence, let somebody down, or acted selfishly. Maybe you’ve broken a promise.

Not to worry; everyone’s been guilty.

But for now what you want, is for whatever you did to go on automatic re-wind… and quickly. To move on and  sort of make believe it never happened and for your spouse/partner/friend/ boss or child to forgive you.

Once you’re past trying to find some sneaky explanation for your behavior, read on:

Assuming your travesty doesn’t include murder or anything close, it is up to you to issue a MEANINGFUL APOLOGY.


  • Because the relationship you are talking about, is important to you.
  • Because a “real” apology is can kick-start your burned-out romance/ bromance/ relationship into a more positive direction.
  • Because it gives covert permission to the person you’ve hurt, to own up to his/her own mistakes.
  • Because flaws, failings and weaknesses, when they are acknowledged, may even be endearing to those who care about you.
  • Because you really are sorry.

You just have to get it right.


  • communicates EMPATHY and demonstrates that you can “put” yourself into the shoes of the person you have injured.
  • takes place in a timely manner… as soon as possible.
  • is never sent in a text message.
  • happens in person, if possible.
  • happens by telephone if in person is not possible.
  • happens in the form of a letter, written by hand and sent snail mail.
  • Above all, a MEANINGFUL APOLOGY includes the specific request:

                                       “What can I do to make this better?”

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