The book Dr.Wayne Dyer wrote in the 70’s, had nothing to do with sex.

Look fast and “ERRONEOUS” could READ, “EROGENOUS.

your erron     The title is what sold this book… at least initially.

Dr .WAYNE DYER   tricked us into paying attention. His book had absolutely nothing to do with sex. And then… we discovered that it was worth reading anyway.

He sought of plagiarized his ideas from Epictetus, a Roman philosopher, 2000 years ago who said, “Only you can upset yourself about things that happen – the events themselves, no matter how undesirable, can never upset you.” Nothing wrong with spreading those words.





” Claire’s” boyfriend has told her he’s got a new girlfriend and that he’s taking off with her to Hawaii. She’s most certainly upset.

    • “CLAIRE” RUMINATES WITH IRRATIONAL BELIEFS:“I’m a unlovable loser.”“No man will ever find me desirable.”“Nothing good has ever, will never, happen to me.”“He’s a total loser.”
    • “CLAIRE’S” IRRATIONAL BELIEFS HAVE EMOTIONAL CONSEQUENCES: She gets angry and acts out and/or she becomes depressed.
    • “CLAIRE” THEN TAKES CONTROL OF HER IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS: With the help of her therapist, she ” experiences how healing thoughts can erase irrational thinking and heal her emotions:
      1. She learns to accept that she is not a “loser” because her lover has left.
      2. She’s able to focus some on the good things in her life. She admits that while there were certainly parts of this relationship she will miss… it was far from perfect.
      3. Turns out she had been secretly fantasizing about being alone, way before his announcement.

      “Claire” remains sorry to see the relationship end for many reasons. But she begins to think being alone for awhile, may be a new opportunity. Maybe she’ll go back to school.  Her boyfriend had discouraged her from doing that.

      Wayne Dyer clearly borrowed / was influenced by Albert Ellis and his theory of “Rational Emotive Therapy,” which, by the way, was introduced some twenty years earlier to a much more limited audience. Not many, except other psychologists, read books with titles like this.   
      Albert EllisDr. Albert Ellis

      Not every thing deserves to be dumbed down, but Wayne Dyer got this part right… he taught that thoughts must be accessible. Using sexier marketing and simple language,  Dyer sold thirty-five million copies of “Your Erroneous Zones.” He taught us, by example, that  IF YOU ARE NOT HEARD, YOU HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED.

That aside,  I agree with all three of these guys; they had a message worth repeating:

You can change your emotions and your behavior, if you are willing to change your thinking.

Rest in Peace, Wayne Dyer (1940 -2015)

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