Do you feel ignored by your wife? Do you feel like a nuisance around her? Perhaps your relationship has hit a giant snag?

In case you haven’t noticed, romance busters are everywhere.

Kid-problems and managing extended family relationships don’t inspire much passion. Perhaps, there are money challenges. Or maybe your issues have to do with sex or about claiming personal time for your work-outs.

In any event, if you care enough to notice that you could benefit from a pick-us- up, your wife will love this prescription:

RX: Watch a bunch of romantic movies, together.

“Chick-flicks? You want me to watch chick flicks? You’re kidding, right?”

Not kidding, Casanova, It’s a lot cheaper than therapy… and you might like the results.

Researchers documented their study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, which suggests that watching romantic movies together can kick-start your sex life and help you to remember what got you two together in the first place.

Spending time with someone you love is always a good idea, anyway.

 Add the right movie to the mixand you’ve created an opportunity to start conversation, laugh together, and to focus on how you would each like things to be.

Not much to lose really, aside from a little time.

*Disclaimer: Some couples watch romantic movies together and still get divorced… and sometimes, they should.



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