Valentine's Earthquake Kit


This Love Doctor speaks with authority and is sure that romantic relationships are worth every bit of the trouble they cause. They do need to be cared for and cherished, however.

If I made the rules, every single couple would have a piggy bank prominently displayed their home…. a special and unique kind of piggy bank. This piggy would not accept coins. Rather, it would serve as a receptacle where both partners would collect good feelings, smiles, hugs, kisses and gestures.

Think that’s silly, do you?

Think about this: A “debit-piggy” is like an emotional debit card, which may be handy to have around, at times. In a crisis, it can be a relationship-saver… like having an earthquake kit at your disposal.

Imagine that it’s your turn to have something important challenge your relationship. One of you, or someone you love:
1. becomes sick
2. has serious financial problems. or
3. has just lost his job and is the primary wage-earner in your family.

Perhaps it’s none of these things. Maybe it’s just that your water heater caused what seems like a relatively innocuous inconvenience and your new wooden floors and your vacation plans have been ruined. .

Have you and/or your partner taken your relationship off of the “to-do” list for too long? Sometimes, that’s all it takes to create the “earthquake.”

Inattention and/or the frustration of an unexpected crisis can be love-busters. Not a happy thought, especially around Valentine’s Day.

Here’s where the “DEBIT-PIGGY,” comes in handy. When you most need it, you can open it’s little catch on the bottom and make a withdrawal.

Some couples at least appear do this seamlessly. I bet you know some of them too. To be sure, their “piggys” are fat and happy.

A perfect gift this week would be to recognize someone you love for all the ways he/she adds to your life, for all his endearing quirks, for all her cute, but annoying habits. Let her know you appreciate all she does for you. Let him know how much you know he cares.


Fill your own “DEBIT-PIGGY” with extra good stuff to prepare for inevitable tough times.

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