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We look in awe at people who seem to be really happy. Are they messing with us? Not always. Some people know how to be happy and we can just wonder how they do that. Don’t hate them… learn from them.

Happy people know how to laugh and relish a moment. They know how to love and be loved back. Happy people grow where they are planted… they know what it takes to tickle their souls.

Know what else happy people have in common? The things that they don’t do!

1. Happy people don’t react at the moment of a challenge, except when life is in immediate jeopardy. (Have you also noticed that most other things, which may appear irreparable at first, fade in importance over time.)

2. After a failure, the happiest people don’t wallow. They think about how they can learn from their experience.

3. They don’t allow themselves to feel trapped by circumstance. Instead, they look for “trap doors”. Dr. Victor Frankel writes about an ultimate version, as a survivor of the concentration camps during the war, in “Man’s Search For Meaning.” We can learn from his experience.

4. Happy people don’t talk badly about themselves or others. They do not gossip. They are more likely to forgive their own trespasses and the trespasses of others.

5. They don’t hang out much with people who are unhappy too much of the time. Happy people seek out situations, activities and people who bring joy to their lives.

6. Happy people don’t stick to doing the same stuff with the same people. They value old friends, but remain open to new relationships and experiences. They plan for adventure and are willing to explore new versions of themselves, at whatever their age.

7. Happy people don’t throw around “blame.” They’ve learned that by taking responsibility, they gain power. When something is my fault, I get to fix what I messed up.. If, on the other hand, I blame you, then the fixing power remains out of my unhappy hands.

With that said, I wish you a soul-tickling day full of love and laughter. And should it not turn out that way, I can only hope that you remember the sun… and how it will come out tomorrow.

sunThere’s always enough of that to go around for everybody.

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