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I hate the idea that having a bucket-list implies that I expect to die any time soon.

So, when I overheard two twenty-something girls in New York this week talking, arguing, about what sounded like bucket-list talk, I was curious.

“I’m want to learn Italian,” said the first girl.

“Me too. No way. I found a class.

“I don’t mean NOW, she said. “I also want to learn Mandarin… And to play chess.” And I want to go to Paris and Capri and Portugal. And to fall in love. And to have five kids. There’s a million things I want to do before I die, that is, after I finish law school. Oh, I want to jump from an airplane. ”

She smiled. “That’s just me, I guess.”

The girl sounded so full of life. Like, for sure, she knew that there will be time, some day, to do it all. Her friend looked at her with disbelief. As for me, I just I wondered if she was planning to jump before or after she had those five kids.

“I don’t believe my ears,” said the friend. You haven’t even finished college. I just want to learn Italian.” My grandfather is the one with a bucket-list.”

“What’s wrong with a bucket-list?”

Author, Harold Kushman’s has an “instant coffee theory of life.” As we get closer to the bottom of the jar, he says, we tend to scoop out less coffee to make a cup. Older people tend to value life -choices, more too.

At any age, though, success comes mostly from making a plan and sticking to it, luck aside.


A bucket-list is a wish-list. Nothing more. A bucket-list has to lead to a plan and some action. That’s when it becomes exciting,

The twenty-something girl who hasn’t finished college, may have more time to pursue possibilities, and procrastinate, than her friend’s grandfather.

But, alas, make plans, she also must.

Call it a bucket list or whatever, the ability to dream is such a wonderful part of being human. I love hearing about yours and about how you brought it into reality. Against difficult odds? Even sweeter.

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