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It was a really bad week for women, at least in the movies.

“The Great Gatsby,” Jay, is obsessed not only with his own image, but with vulnerable Daisy, the wife of wealthy, boorish and philandering Tom.

Gatsby throws outrageous, over-the-top parties, mostly to attract Daisy’s attention. He’ll do anything to win her favor. Choice and circumstance play no role, he says, when love is strong enough. Never mind that she is married with a young child.

Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy probably has something to do with love. It’s clear, though, that Daisy loves only herself.

She creates messes with and for others, especially Gatsby, and then retreats back to the comfort of her husband’s money.

The message: Women are not to be trusted.

And then there is “Mud,” the story of a fugitive hiding on the Mississippi River, wanted for a crime of passion, who befriends and enchants two boys with tales of his personal pursuit of true love.

The boys are drawn into Mud’s romantic plan to meet and escape with Juniper, who he says is the love of his life.

Juniper, it turns out, has other ideas. Bad, bad Juniper has no intention, after all, of running off with Mud. For one thing, the boys catch her in a bar with another guy. It seemed even sadder for the boys somehow, than for Mud, who was pretty upset too.

The message: Women are not to be trusted.

Two movies. Two nights in a row. Different settings. Same message. Ugh.

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