January 16, 2013

Dear Valentine,

I know you are worried about what to give me for Valentine’s Day, so let me give you a few hints.

No chocolates, please. I love chocolates, and I will not be able to resist them. Save me from that. Please.
I do not want cut flowers because they die and that makes me sad.

I don’t want jewelry either. Not for Valentine’s Day. It just seems so pedestrian, don’t you think?

Skimpy lingerie has never done it for me. Not when you pick it out. Those are things I’d like to buy to please you, when I am so inclined.

“Women! “ you say. “I’ll never understand.”


If you love me, demonstrate it with your time. Be creative. Plan a surprise that includes doing something that I’d like to do. Show me you’ve been listening.

Come up with something we’ve never done before, something we can do together. Stumped? Ask me for suggestions; this isn’t a test. I’ll help you make the list.

You just have to pick the one that sounds best to you. And make a plan.

  • Laugh with me.
  • Play my favorite music.
  • Ask me what’s on my mind.
  • Trust me with your dreams and your challenges.
  • Be supportive, but allow me to solve my own problems.
  • Hold my hand and take a walk.
  • Sometimes, turn off your cell phone.
  • Teach me how I can love you better.
  • If you are my Valentine, then you’ll understand.

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