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January 6, 2013

“Bah Humbug” To Resolutions? – Are you a New Years Resolver? Or do you declare “Bah humbug” and resolve never to make another resolution on New Years Day?

Let me re-phase the question. Have you made a “promise” to yourself recently? Sometimes, it’s just easier to deal with a “promise.”

In the category of “Doctor, heal thyself,” I made two promises this holiday season and I’m happy to report, I’ve kept them.

It wasn’t so hard, really. Mostly, I enjoyed the process.

No, I haven’t lost any weight and the dancing class I signed up to take hasn’t even started yet.

I cleaned out my closet, though. It still isn’t exactly color-coded, but it looks much nicer and the clothes I no longer wear have been donated to others who may enjoy them. I feel good about that too.

And even better than that, I contacted many of the people I care about and don’t get to see or talk to very often. I reached out to those who have touched me.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like such a big deal to you. But it worked to help me to empower myself and to brace for the challenges in this New Year.

I hope I have inspired you.

If you choose to risk some new action, in your own best interest, you may be more successful if you remember to:

1. Clearly identify your change-challenge

2. Be specific about what you expect of yourself

3. Be realistic

4. Tell someone about your plan.

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