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When You Sense It’s Time To Move On – I’m buying a shiny, sleek, glamorous new car today and I feel terrible about it.

This new car looks wonderful; it has not even one dent or nick. The leather seats are spotless because they have no history. No one I love has ever ridden in it.

My old car is downstairs in my garage at home, oblivious to my decision. It has no idea that today is the day we will part company. I feel guilty saying goodbye because it has served me well. Nothing bad has happened to either one of us in all the time we have spent together. We’ve been a good team and that should be worth something.

My car just got old. Sort of like me. I just sensed that it was time to move on.

So, I checked out all the wonderful options in multiple car dealerships. Maybe it was because my trusted “iron horse” delivered me safely to these places, that I felt like I was cheating.

Then, when I met what will become my new “companion,” I recognized a surge that felt strangely like a promise. I swear that thing flirted with me. No, it wasn’t the salesman, although he was cute too. I stood up straighter and smiled back at the car. It was peppy and peppiness is catching.

Still, I feel sad. Like a man who leaves his wife and family for a younger woman.

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