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Random Acts of Kindness – Seven out of ten pet owners bought their pets holiday gifts. It must be true because I read it on Facebook!

I also read a story in the New York Times on Sunday, about a single mom and her teen age kids, all veterans of Christmas morning airplane travel and how she offered three hours of travel assistance on the plane to a younger mom alone with her two infants.

My first holiday season in California, three thousand miles from our families and feeling very much alone, the parents of one of my baby-sitters, included us for Christmas dinner. I’ve never forgotten the kindness of the De Marcos.

And just today, a newly single Mom told me a wonderful holiday story. She and her young sons along with one of their friends went out to dinner to celebrate one boy’s birthday. It was just a few days before Christmas.

The three boys and the Mom were at one table and at the adjacent table was a young couple with a somewhat older man. The man reached over and offered the mom a glass of the wine he had brought to the restaurant. She accepted gratefully. “Merry Christmas,” he said.

When dinner was about to be over, the man tapped the mom on the shoulder. “I’ve taken the liberty to order desserts for all of you. Maybe it was a bit presumptuous, but I overheard your son talking about his birthday.

Four oreo cookie desserts appeared. The boys were excited. “We never get to have our own dessert. This is great. Thank you sir.”

So did he ask you for your phone number, I asked.

“No,” she said. “He just smiled.” I called him a “Christmas Angel” and I hope whoever he is, that some wonderful things happen to him too, this year.”

Dear Friends, There is hope for this world, even in these cynical times.

My son and daughter-in-law sent holiday greetings to everyone with the message that “All it takes is ‘Love’.” Amen.

A happy heart and a healthy New Year to all.

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