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Men, Plastic Surgery and Cheesecake – The New York Times reported that in this past year, there has been a 22 percent increase in the consumption of cheesecake.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirms that plastic surgery, and liposuction for fat reduction, rose between 14% and 20% percent last year. And that was just for men!

Could there be a connection?

Dr Jon Grazer. Newport Beach plastic surgeonDr. Jon Grazer, Newport Beach plastic surgeon, says that a “cheesecake diet” only explains part of the phenomena.

“Times have changed. It used to be that the only men who were vain enough to take this kind of beauty-action, were high profile celebrity types, attempting to prolong an image.”

Today, more average baby boomers are following the lead of their wives and girlfriends to look as good as they feel. Apparently, men have decided that they are worth it. Some take advantage of unemployment and/or lull in activity to prepare them and their bodies for better times, which they hope, will follow.

I’m always curious about people’s motives so I did a little interviewing. I spoke with three men I’ll call “Chester,” “Karl” and “Joe.” I also spoke to “Karl’s” wife.

Chester is the kind of man women have always described as having a great personality. Like your boyfriend’s best friend who you keep trying to fix up. His blind dates always think he’s a great guy. He couldn’t get a second date, though. “I know its my love-handles,” he insisted.

Actually, I didn’t notice the love-handles. What I noticed is that he looked like he needed a bra.

“Karl,” now edging out of his forties, was laid off from his job in May and is still unemployed. “These are scary times,” he says. “Karl” has been spending too much time staring in the mirror. “I’m old,” he explains. “I don’t feel old.”

And then there’s “Joe”. He’s 59 and he says his nose is growing. He swears it never used to be so large. Joe is determined to get it fixed. Two of his golf buddies who have recently “gone under the knife,” referred him to their doctor.

Dr. Grazer performed a liposuction procedure on “Chester’s” love-handles as well as a breast-reduction. He looks great. He loves the way he looks too.

“Karl’s” wife says he is “smokin” since his face-lift. She told Dr. Grazer that “the best part for her was seeing his confidence restored.”

“Joe” is scheduled for surgery next week. “His is really the new face of the male plastic surgery trend,” says Dr. Grazer. “a guy facing retirement, who has a few bucks and who wants to look good.”

I hope these men love themselves enough to go easy on the cheesecake.

Hope you’re having fun.

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