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This morning, “The Wall Street Journal” included a feature article about how the Cuddle For Hire business is taking off, even though — “clothes are staying on”.


The proponents insist their service has nothing to do with sex and that what they offer instead is hugs, nuzzles and tickles for about $1 a minute.

Interesting that this article appears now, in January, when people may be unusually vulnerable. There’s even more relationship drama in January, than in the holiday season which preceded it. My office phone always rings off the hook this month.

Maybe it’s a funny sort of optimism, because the turn of a new year is a symbol of new possibilities.

It seems to me that it is a time when people are likely to make what they often identify as “last ditch efforts” to get him/her to change.

Listen to a man I’ll call “Bruno” :

“She kissed me… we were at a party. I mean she leaned in… I put my hands on her bum.

“You know what happened then?

“Nothing, nothing.

“She broke away from me and screamed so loud that I was totally embarrassed.

Maybe she just needs more hugs.

“She’d be happy if all we did was hug. She thinks I’m a sex maniac because I want to make love a couple of times a week. It was New Year’s Eve…”

Bruno, I said. You are a loving man. How often do you just get in bed and spoon… tickle and nuzzle with no anticipation of having sex?

“You’re kidding me, right?”

I guess that means, “Never”.

“’Never’ would be right.”

Bruno made it clear that he loves his wife and that he also wants things to be better.

The spokeswoman for the CUDDLE – FOR – HIRE business revealed that women have sent their boyfriends and husbands to them to learn how to cuddle properly. I don’t think I’m going to refer him to their business. I can only hope it will be enough to talk about it.

It did occur to me that wives of men like Bruno would probably have more luck getting their men to get “cuddled” with a stranger than the men would have if they tried to send their women to some “expert” to learn about sex.

There’s lots of research about the benefits of “ touch”. The more the better. Touch releases healthy chemicals in our bodies. It can even make us horny.

The take-away:

If your sexual preference is for women, it will serve you well to embrace her more.

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