April 1, 2013

“Jen” sort of cried, “Yes, I love him. For sure, more than I did yesterday. Yesterday, “Chad” was a jerk again.”

What did he do?

“He flirted with a waitress. I hate when that happens.”

Maybe he was just being nice, “Jen.” Don’t you hate it when you see people acting “entitled” around servers?

She looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.

“When I came back I saw him giving that girl his business card.”

Did you ask for an explanation?

“What’s the point? He does that kind of stuff all the time. When the waitress walked away, you know what he did?

“He stared at some other girl, sitting at the bar with her legs crossed,. He didn’t take his eyes off her until she smiled at him. I was totally embarrassed. Then, he was all over me.

“Oh, did I mention it was our fifteenth anniversary?”

Can this marriage be saved?

What do you think? It would be easy to label Chad as an “April Fool” and encourage Jen to kick him to the curb.
But hold on. This love doctor needed more information.

What if it’s “Chad” who is so insecure about “Jen’s” love, that he has come to believe that he needs to demonstrate to her, that other women still find him attractive.

What if we find out, that when Jen isn’t around, he’s likely to not even pay attention to other women.

What if “Jen” gets a kick out of watching her husband play at being a “bad boy,” and covertly encourages it, just to keep things interesting.

I actually met a couple for whom this used to be true. The “formula” was no longer working for them.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Remember that a “boy” makes his girlfriends jealous of other women but that it takes a real “man” to make other girls jealous of his woman.

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