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At sixty-five, Bruce Jenner hasn’t done himself any favor by becoming Caitlyn. It’s tough being a sixty-five year old woman.

I never fantasized about changing my sex, but I did recognize, even when I was very young, that boys had advantages that I didn’t have. They were stronger and had more freedom, for sure.

Bruce, as he was once known, was raised with male privilege. He may have believed he was a girl or along, but to the rest of us, he seemed more like Superman. An Olympic Superman on a Wheaties box.

Celebrated as a man among men, he was judged by his accomplishments, just as most men continue to be today

As girls blossom into young women, they realize how different they are from their brothers. They learn to protect themselves as they proceed with caution into what could seem to be a more dangerous world. They deal with having their periods and about things like how important it is to look pretty.

In fairly short order, they also come to appreciate the power of their womanliness and to benefit from their femininity, in all kinds of ways. Then, alas, as the bloom inevitably fades, they begin to romanticize the past.

When she was sixty-five, my own mom, Milli Kaminsky wrote:

Caitlyn Jenner says she’s always had a female brain. Most people with female brains, much like my mom, tell their best stories about being young.

For men, it is different. At sixty-five, they can be romantic leads in the movies. Women of forty are much less likely to be able to do that.

Men at sixty-five, at least those who are at the height of their power, seem to have less need to look back, with longing.

Dear Caitlyn,

I do wish you well as you enter into the world of older women… who, as you may have noticed, often struggle not to be invisible.

For sure, Caitlyn, you are anything but invisible. Which may turn out be a wonderful opportunity for you to make a real contribution.

Women have struggled forever, for the right to have broader identities. Today, we celebrate those rights for everyone, including yours.

I still hate that you chose to come out as a “sexpot,” though.

Perhaps, you’ll become the “sexpot” who makes a difference… and not just to the trans community. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Dear Sister… With opportunity and celebrity, comes responsibility. Don’t you agree?

Sure, you do.

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