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October 30, 2013

Maybe it’s because it’s Halloween. Or maybe not. Just seems that everyone has a ghost-sighting story to tell and that all too often, the stories have something to do with romance..

“Brett’s” mom died twenty years ago, but he insists she came to him in his sleep with a clear message: “Marry Lisa… and do it soon.”

“My mom would have loved Lisa. I’d like to think she does, even though they’ve never really met. Ghosts do have certain powers… and insights.”

He told me he thought I was ”cool”, so surely I would believe what he was saying, was at least possible.

Truth told, in spite of his enthusiasm, I was more interested in whether or not Brett loved Lisa and if he wanted to be her husband, than whether or not his dead mother thought it was a good idea.

I didn’t answer his question; so much for “cool.”

Dr. Thelma Moss Ph.DRenowned psychologist, Thelma Moss, Ph.D., was one of my mentors. As the “Ghost Authority,” she appeared regularly on television and radio. Her spooky arguments were impressive, even to non-believers.

Once I asked her, in private if she really, really believed in, her ghost thing. I promised I wouldn’t tell, if only she’d confide in me.

She hesitated, as if to contemplate before speaking, smiled and then said, “I can’t know for sure, if ghosts exist. But I can’t know for sure that they don’t. Can you?”

Dr. Moss was a wonderful psychologist. What I learned from her is to be open to the power of the human imagination.

“Wendy” swears her husband’s spirit sleeps in bed with her every night; not just on Halloween. He’s been dead for three years. Was “Wendy” upset that her husband seems to be standing guard or did she feel comforted by his ghostly presence?

Both. She came for guidance to talk through her feelings about her new boyfriend, who she is afraid to bring to her home, let alone to her bed.

Soul-Mates? Now it’s your turn. Tell the truth. Do you believe that “soul-mates” are a figment of an imagination run wild? Or of a folie a deux?

I’ll admit that sometimes, in the middle of the night, I worry that “soul-mate” is just a word and nothing more than one of those a spooky/romantic, para-normal concepts. Another ghost story of the heart.

I hate myself when I think that. It is so anti-romantic and so not a good way for a Love Doctor to think. Better to believe that ALL our souls have mates.

But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for a good story. Sort of like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and my old friend, the dubious “Authority on Ghosts.”

Forgive me for putting myself in such distinguished company.

Happy Halloween.

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