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February 14, 2013

Do you remember when you decided that your love relationship became “SERIOUS” Do you remember what you told your friends, your parents?

By “SERIOUS,” I don’t think you meant “grave”, or “stern” or “humorless.” You were in love and it was fun. That’s what you were trying to communicate.

“He’s special.” “She’s incredible.” “I’ve never met anyone like him/her before.” “This is it… real love, seriously,” you insisted.

Perhaps that was a long time ago. Or maybe it was last week. In any event, no one had to tell you how to act with each other. Loving him was simple. Loving her, easy.

Then life happens. It’s mostly the same for everyone. We marry, settle in, concentrate on work and attend to the business of living. It becomes too easy to let love slide in the name of family responsibility.

Really? That’s what I call, “SERIOUS.”

Have you also been guilty of not paying enough attention to the one you say you love best ?

One unhappy husband told me that he thinks his wife has “forgotten” about him. “She laughs with her girlfriends, takes care of the kids and works out on the treadmill.” Poor guy. He was jealous of his wife’s girlfriends.

Aidan, my four-year-old grandson, wanted to know why his parents were leaving him and his sister to go to Las Vegas for their anniversary this weekend. His smart mom explained to him how important it is for adults who love each other to spend time together alone, without their kids.

Way to go, Mom and Dad. Especially because Aidan and his little sister, Annabel get to sleep over in my house tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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