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Picture of childrenThe “Kind Kiss” – Shakespeare wrote about the “kind kiss” as the ultimate demonstration of love.

In the second part of King Henry VI, Act 1, Scene 1, said by Henry VI:

“I can express no kinder sign of love, than this kind kiss.”

“Kind,” I think is the operative word, whether or not there is even a “kiss” involved.

Try This…
Take this test to see how kind you are to the one you say you love best:

1. Do you greet your spouse with a smile and a kiss, when you come home?
2. Do you keep his/her secrets?
3. Do you appreciate his/her strengths?
4. Does he/she know that you appreciate them?
5. Do you make him/her look good in the eyes of others?
6. Does your spouse know why you love him/her today?
7. Do you participate in his/her favorite way to spend a day or an evening?
8. Are you respectful of his/her time, at least most of the time?
9. Are you good roommates?

10. Are you good lovers?
11. Do you respect and accommodate to different levels of sexual interest?
12. Can you identify his/her dreams?
13. Do you share your dreams with him/her?
14. Do you laugh at his/her jokes?
15. Is your pillow-talk fun?
16. Do you take care of yourself in a way to please him/her?
17. Do you creative problem solve?

How did you do?

Never mind that Valentine’s Day is over for this year. The Love Doctor says that the opportunity to demonstrate love and to build companionate, sexy happiness is an everyday challenge for people who choose to live a kicked up and exciting life all year long.


Concentrate on ways YOU, not HIM OR HER, could re-vitalize your relationship.

Think about pleasing, exciting, stimulating, surprising and/or engaging your partner.

Think about helping him/her realize a personal goal.

Hold hands and talk.

Mostly, be kind. He/she is most likely to return the compliment.

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