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Forget Wishes: Make a Promise Instead – For better and worse, tomorrow is Turkey Day. Families and friends gather to mark another year, celebrate, feast and give thanks.

People often reminisce on Thanksgiving.

As a child, I also loved this holiday. It was a time to get dressed up, and mingle with cousins and aunts and uncles. Like any other family, we had our issues, but until I was old enough to notice, it was great fun and what I cared about most, was getting my hands on the wishbone of the turkey.

Two people get to tug but there can be only one winner. I figured out that it really didn’t matter how little or strong you were and that anyone could be the victor. I wanted it to be me.

Sometimes I won. But as much as I try, I can’t remember any of my wishes so I don’t know if they ever came true. Probably not.

Tomorrow, at my family and friends’ Thanksgiving dinner, each of us will have a wishbone by our plates. Eighteen wishbones. I’m going to suggest a new tradition. Forget about wishes, I’ll say. There’s nothing pro-active about wishes. We can do better than that.

I’m going to ask each person to break their wishbone after making a secret love promise to themselves, instead.

Can you pledge to love better? To love your spouse, your friends, your children and your parents? Is their some simple gesture or deed you could deliver which will make a difference in the lives of someone you love?

Love promises should be kept secret. We are, after all, judged by not what we say, but by what we do!

It’s going to be a wonderful holiday.

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